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Courtesy Auto Repair & Service

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Scheduled Maintenance

Routine inspections and preventative maintenance keep your car running smoothly, preventing costly repairs and performance issues.


A/C Service, Repair and Conversions

Expert air conditioning repair keeps you cool by fixing leaks and maintaining peak performance.


Transmission Service and Repair

Regular transmission fluid changes keep your car running smoothly and extend its lifespan.


Brake Service and Upgrades

Expert brake repair ensures your car stops safely and confidently, providing peace of mind and reliability.


Major Repairs

Prioritize your engine's health with expert diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs for peak performance.


Suspension Systems and Service

Comprehensive auto repair and maintenance with expert technicians at unbeatable rates. Check our Specials!

Welcome Message


Welcome to Courtesy Auto Repair & Service (C.A.R.S.)

My name is Avi Kroytoro and I am the Owner/Manager of COURTESY AUTO REPAIR & SERVICE. I have been in the auto service industry for over 50 years as a mechanic and a Manager. It has become my sole mission to make a difference. Our specialized team of mechanics at C.A.R.S will cater to that very purpose- to make a difference. We thrive on making our customers satisfied in any way we can. So if you are having car troubles, please come on in and let us help you make a difference.

Premium Services

Courtesy Auto Repair & Service offers a wide variety of Auto repairs, Body & Paint, Maintenance services for your vehicle.


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We accept and handle most insurance and extended warranty company’s claims.

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Transmission Animation

See an exploded view of how a transmission works.


Engine Animation

Check out this wonderful animation on how an internal combustion engine works


Courtesy Auto Repair & Service